Pre-Construction Termite Treatment > Protect your home from day one

When renovating your home, the construction stage is the time to implement termite prevention treatments. Building regulations require homes in high-risk areas (such as NSW) be built with some form of termite protection. It is important the correct termite protection is in place before construction goes too far and council requirements cannot be fulfilled.

Multipest Solutions technicians will inspect your site and ensure the best termite protection program for your home is selected and provide you with all necessary documentation to comply with all council regulations. This will give you peace of mind from the outset and provide an ongoing maintenance program for the years to come.

It is important to note, even if you have a current termite barrier, renovating your home can compromise your protection. It is important for an inspection to be carried out once your building is complete to ensure your home is again fully protected.

Chemical Barrier

Chemical Barriers stop the termites gaining access to your home and damaging it. Termiticides create a chemical barrier which termites are unable to penetrate. A Chemical Barrier is a liquid (Termiticide) which is applied to the soil to form a barrier between the soil and the building structure which prevents termites from entering your home. Chemical Barriers can be applied under a concrete floor or around the foundations of the building both prior to or after construction.

The life expectancy of a Chemical Barrier ranges from 5 to 10 years, depending on the concentration of the product that is used. This would suggest that your home would remain termite free and will need to be retreated after the 5 to 10 years. There is a variety of Termiticides used which have different modes of action. Our specialist Pest Technician can investigate and advise you on the best option for protecting your property.



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