Post-Construction Termite Treatment


Post-Construction Termite Treatment

There are many systems which can stop and protect your property from termite activity and are able to be installed into existing premises. Monitoring and Baiting & Chemical Barrier treatments offer very safe and environmentally friendly means to keep termites inactive.

Monitoring and baiting Termite monitors are strategically located and installed around the outside perimeter of a building. Monitors can detect if there is termite activity in the surrounding area. Once activity is found, termite baiting would be recommended immediately. Our professional technician will install in-ground stations around the building at points where termites are likely to be foraging for food. The stations contain a non toxic food termites prefer to eat.

These stations can also be installed inside the building if the termites have made their way into the premise. The bait which is inside the station is non-toxic to animals and people. Termites feed on the bait and take it back to the colony. The colony is eliminated. Once this occurs, any remaining bait is removed and fresh timber is placed in the ground stations and monitoring is continued. Monitoring is important as your property is susceptible to future attack form new termite colonies. To relieve this constant threat the termite system works on an ongoing process of monitoring and baiting to help control termite invasion and prevent damage on your property.

Chemical Barrier

Chemical Barriers stop the termites gaining access to your home and damaging it. Termiticides create a chemical barrier which termites are unable to penetrate. A Chemical Barrier is a liquid (Termiticide) which is applied to the soil to form a barrier between the soil and the building structure which prevents termites from entering your home. Chemical Barriers can be applied under a concrete floor or around the foundations of the building both prior to or after construction.

The life expectancy of a Chemical Barrier ranges from 5 to 10 years, depending on which product is used. This would suggest that your home would remain termite free and will need to be retreated after the 5 to 10 years. There is a variety of Termiticides used which have different modes of action. Our specialist Pest Technician can investigate and advise you on the best option for protecting your property.

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